Reunión informativa del Directorio ejecutivo de UFEMUCH en la comuna de Casablanca

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    Your installation includes sample data, designed to show you some of the options you have for building your website. In addition to information about Joomla! there are two sample "sites within a site" designed to help you get started with builidng your own site.

    The first site is a simple site about Australian Parks. It shows how you can quickly and easily build a personal site with just the building blocks that are part of Joomla!. It includes a personal blog, weblinks, and a very simple image gallery.

    The second site is slightly more complex and represents what you might do if you are building a site for a small business, in this case a Fruit Shop.

    In building either style site, or something completely different, you will probably want to add extensions and either create or purchase your own template. Many Joomla! users start off by modifying the templates that come with the core distribution so that they include special images and other design elements that relate to their site's focus.

Víctor Hugo Mora Astroza - Presidente - Villarica
María Soledad Pinto Jimenez - Vice Presidenta - El Bosque
Antonio Evans Parraguez Roa - Secretario General - Río Bueno
Moisés Rolando Vera Aránguiz - Tesorero - Santiago
Miguel Ángel Gómez Quijada - Secretario - Puerto Montt
José Manuel Escobar Ramírez - Pro Tesorero - Santiago
Alicia Alejandra Muñoz Apara - Pro Secretaria - Freire
Emilio Luis Aguilar Alvarado - Director Nacional - Punta Arenas
Armando Marcelo Oyarzo Sanhueza - Director Nacional - Fresia
Francisca Minerva Silva Gallardo - Director Nacional - Paillaco
Luciano Ernesto Saavedra Pérez - Director Nacional - Cabo de Hornos
Ximena del Pilar Ordenes Córdoba - Director Nacional - La Calera
Pablo Francisco González Vera - Director Nacional - Huechuraba
Fabián José Caballero Vergara - Director Nacional - Huechuraba
Christian Patricio Gajardo Altamirano - Director Nacional - Quinta Normal
Marcelo Edgardo Quezada Pulido - Director Nacional - Viña del Mar